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My Story

I am a registered osteopath who graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2010, a college famous worldwide for the diversity and adaptability of its practitioners. As a result I have a broad comfort range from treating standard musculoskeletal problems or more complex long-term dysfunctions to my particular passion and speciality, sports injuries and rehabilitation. 


Coming from a long line of doctors and vets, healthcare was a natural choice for me, however I was always more interested in treating practically using my hands, rather than with drugs. Once I had observed several osteopaths at work, I felt this was the career for me due to the holistic style of treatment and the greater contact time with patients than other manual therapies. 


I have a strong love of sports, particularly snow sports, road cycling, mountain biking, running, football, and kayaking.  This led me to study an MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary’s University of London, which I graduated from with honours in 2015. 


I am qualified in the use of Kinesio taping, which is very useful for certain sports injuries, and also in dry-needling, which is a Western form of traditional Chinese acupuncture.  


As well as the more everyday aches and pain, I find it highly rewarding to work with chronic pain and unique presentations of unusual symptoms. Complaints that people rarely think of going to see their osteopath about or may have even have given up hope of fixing. Such symptoms can often improve considerably with the correct treatment, often involving release of long held postural tension or promotion of venous drainage away from affected areas. These are outcomes that only a manual therapy such as osteopathy can achieve in a gentle and non-invasive way. 





BSc(Hons) osteopathy from European School of Osteopathy 

MSc(Hons) Sports injuries from Queen Mary University of London (including massage) 

Certificate in Medical Acupuncture from the British Medical Acupuncture Society 

Kinesio taping certificates Levels 1 and 2 RockDoc certified from Rocktape. 

Postgraduate Certificate of Animal osteopathy from the OCA


If you are uncertain whether osteopathy is right for you, please feel free to email, or phone me for an informal chat, at any time. 

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