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We all love being active. Unfortunately the very nature of participating in sports and recreational activities can lead to stresses on our body that cause pain or discomfort and affect our enjoyment of what should be our leisure time. 

Acupuncture close up
Running Athletic Women


A first appointment for osteopathy, or initial sports injury assessment, will last up to an hour. Follow up appointments will generally be around 30 - 40 minutes unless longer is required.

You will usually be asked to remove some clothing depending on the injury and presentation. I will always try and keep you as clothed as possible though and if you prefer to stay fully dressed that is absolutely fine, but may affect or limit what I'm able to do with treatment.

Generally if women can wear a vest top and shorts or leggings/yoga pants, and men can wear sports shorts, this will enable most things to be addressed.

Treatment is generally hands-on, but if you would prefer to just talk through your problem and get some exercise and rehabilitation or management advice, this is absolutely fine.

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